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Akiles DuoMac Series- Cerlox and Wire 3:1

One custom built binding machine that does the work of two!
Personalize your DuoMac to work with any 2 of the 4 most popular binding methods: Wire, Coil or Cerlox.
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$ 1,095.00 CAD
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DuoMac is a revolutionary binding equipment that allows you to create two different types of binding with one single machine, thanks to its two independent punching die sets. DuoMacs versatile and easy to use features allow you to create professionally and elegantly bound books/reports/catalogs, while its heavy duty all metal construction gives you the dependability you need; so you can finish your important project on time, every time. This Combo Includes;

  • Punch 1 and 2 come with disengageable pins, depth margin and open throat
  • Cerlox Opener with Mounting Brackets
  • Built in Paper Scale to measure documents thickness, allowing you to choose best cerlox and coil size.
  • Single Punch Capacity up to 20 sheets (20 lb paper)
  • Single Punch Length is 14" cerlox and 13" coil, with open throat for longer sizes.


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