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Afinia LT5C CMYK + White Colour Label Printer

Print with White on Standard or Specialty Media
The LT5C CMYK+White label printer offers professional five-color output for a wide variety of markets. Whether it's high-durability labels, freezer and cold-storage labels, food and beverages, or household goodsthe LT5C from Afinia Label can deliver that and more.

Print with white
Works with foils and specialty media
LED dry toner technology
Fully-waterproof print durability

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5th Station White Toner
The fifth station allows for white printing, making it easy to print brilliant designs on transparent and dark materials. This feature gives users the ability to reach a wider range of markets and applications that other label printers simply cannot serve.

Digital LED Print Technology & Substrate Capabilities
A low fusing temperature gives the LT5C unrivaled media compatibilityespecially when handling heat-sensitive synthetics and films. This LED-based technology opens the door to a range of substrates that other label printers simply can't handle. Dry toner technology gives users the ability to use uncoated and flood-coated stocks also provides further advantage for printers looking to reduce overall cost per label.

Media Handling
Fitting rolls ranging from 1-5.1 wide with a maximum outside diameter of 8, the LT5C gives users the versatility to run a variety of label sizes. Two types of sensors are used to detect printing position, Black Mark and Gap, making it easy to run both continuous and die-cut media. The automatic cutter ensures accurate end-of-job cutting, enabling users to print one or many labels quickly and efficiently.

The LT5C is intuitive and simple to install, requiring minimal training or technical skills. The simple desktop configuration allows for easy consumable and parts access. Rolls of different types can quickly be exchanged, and consumables have a high capacity for extended printing. The 4.3 LCD color display panel and paper handling guidance makes it easy to feed and print labels on demand.

The Perfect Companion
Labels printed on the LT5C can be cut to any size and shape from continuous (uncut) media on the DLF-140s Tabletop Digital Label Finisher. It's all done digitally through a simple cut shape you place in a pdf fileno need for expensive dies or tooling, machinery, or wait times. The computer tells the machine where to cut and how many labels to produce, so short run label jobs can be completed easily and quickly. When finishing labels digitally, lamination can also be applied for aesthetic, tactile, and durability purposes.

LT5C Printer Specifications

Printing Method:Digital 5 LED Full-color Electrophotographic
Media Format: Roll
Media Type: Plain Paper, Film, Plain Paper Label, Glossy Paper Label, Film Label, Synthetic paper Label
Media Width: 1.17" - 5.12" (29.64mm - 130.0mm)
Media Thickness: 0.003" - 0.0098" (0.076mm - 0.25mm
Label Length: 0.5" - 52" (12.7mm - 1,320.8mm)
Label Width: 1" - 4.95" (25.4mm - 125.76mm)
Media Detection Gap:Black Mark (printed on back of liner)
Maximum roll diameter: 8" (203.2mm)
Core Inner Diameter: 3" (76.2mm)
Roll Wind Direction: Face-out, Face-in
Print Width: 4.95" (125.76mm)
Minimum Print Margin: Top: 0.083" (2.12mm)
Bottom: 0.083" (2.12mm)
Right: 0.083" (2.12mm)
Left: 0.083" (2.12mm)
Cuttable Media Length: Min. 4" (101.6mm)
Print Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi
Print Speed Max. 6ips (152.4mm/s)



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