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StaticBeGone - Kit

All Static Be Gone; Strings, Elastics and Rods accomplish the same task - to Remove Static. Variations of Static Be Gone are made available to better accommodate your equipment. Just place the Static Product in the feeding entrance and exits of the equipment needing static help.
You Must Ground Static Cords to equipment.
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Static Be Gone Cords Kit, contains all 3 rolls of antistatic cords and gives you enough products to solve all of the static issues. 1 Roll of Static String This is the most successful antistatic cord in the world. It can be placed in contact with feeding sheets and winding rolls. 10 meters (33') 1 Roll of ionWire ionizing wire This is the smallest diameter static eliminator in the world. ionWire can get in very small gaps in the machine to do the job. 7.62 meters (25') 1 Roll of Static Elastic This is the first bungee cord static eliminator which stretches across for simple placement and bounces back if moved. 5 meters (18') Static Be Gone Cords Kit also contains mounting magnets for simple installation of the cords.

Works for all industry's;
Digital Press, Folders, Laminators, Coaters, Offset, Creasers, Large Format Presses, Wide Format, Flexible Packing, Bag Converting

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