• Cutting, slitting, perforating and creasing in one pass!
  • Time perforation in both directions
  • Expandable with folding machine
  • Length and cross perforations
  • Up and down crease
  • Dynamic job creator
  • Barcode reader


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The new Multifinisher Touchline CPC375 XPRO sets a new benchmark in the industry. Imagine that you only have two machines in your company: a powerful printing system and an equally powerful multifinisher...and you use them to produce the majority of the work that has to be done in a printing company. This is now possible. Record speeds up to 35,000 Business Cards Per Hour!

The new Multifinisher from Multigraf AG, is Swiss Made and offers exactly that. Up and down creasing, perforating cross-ways and lengthways, cutting and slitting and folding (also 2- or 3-up). All these applications in only one operation and at high speeds. The set-up times are extremely short and the tools are changed within seconds. New jobs are automatically recognized by the barcode scanner. The production of a 6- or 8-page brochure only takes a few seconds, with no manual intermediate steps. 

Cutting and Slitting:

Cross cutter: Front edge 3 to 120 mm
Trailing edge 3 to 80 mm
Gutter cut 3 to 40 mm
Slitting heads: Max. number of slitters 6 Fully automatic setting
Margin OP: 3 mm to 70 mm
Margin NOP: 3 mm to 45 mm
Gutter: 5 mm to 25 mm
Capacity of waste bin: 88 liter (dm3) Possible to connect with a vacuum, conveyor (optional)

Creasing and Perforating:

Perforating knife: 11 TPI 17 / 26 TPI (optional)
Perforating blade: 11 TPI 17 / 26 TPI (optional)
Creasing: Negative crease standard Positive crease (optional)
Tool detection: Automatic
Tool calibration: Automatic Automatic setup of correct pressure and parallism
Creasing depths: 3 different positions Adjustable on screen
Creasing options: Turnable creasing bar with two options, Total of 6 creasing options
Creasing distance: min. 1 mm
Perforating distance: min. 3 mm
Perforating heads: 1-4 (optional)
Perforating distance* min. 30 mm *Distance from head to head
Min. length of time perforation: 5 mm Programmable on screen
Number of time perforations: Up to 5 Programmable on screen

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