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Afinia CP950 Digital Packaging Printer

Versatile Corrugated Carton & Flat Sheet Package Printer

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Print Your Own Packaging and Cartons with the Afinia CP950 Packaging Printer
Desktop carton and packaging printing has arrived thanks to Afinia Label's new packaging printer, the Afinia CP950. Able to print flat materials up to 6.35mm thick, the Afinia CP950 carton packaging printer makes it possible to print your own boxes, regular slotted cartons, cardboard, card stock, and inkjet-coated bags in-house and in quantities of your choosing. It's no longer necessary to order huge quantities of pre-printed cartons and packaging at once. Simply print them as needed.

Afinia CP950 Features
The Afinia CP950 features Memjet technology, providing exceptional print quality (1600dpi) and blazing-fast print speeds of 60 feet per minute. The pro-grade auto feeder and a simple paper path are able to handle rigid materials with ease while the height-adjustable print head allows for a variety of materials of varying thicknesses (up to 6.35mm).

The Afinia CP950 uses four individual ink tanks for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink. These ink tanks each hold 250ml of ink for a total of 1 liter of onboard ink. This, coupled with the auto feeder which facilities unattended operation, allows for large production runs with minimal operator intervention.

Memjet printers use an 8-5-inch-wide print head featuring 70,400 nozzles that distribute 700 million drops of ink per second. The print head doesn't move, rather the packaging material moves through the print head's "waterfall technology." The Afinia CP950 uses VersaPass DG inks which are dye-based and made up of about 70 percent water formulated for rapid drying times and the ideal size and spread for the Memjet print head. It's worth mentioning that a second carton packaging printer model from Afinia, the Afinia CP950 Plus, is available that uses a different type of ink. The CP950 Plus uses VersaPass DN inks, also called WaterShield inks, which offer greater water and UV light resistance. We recommend requesting label samples from both the CP950 and the CP950 Plus to see the differences before you buy.

Print Packaging on Demand and With Variable Data Printing
Not only can you print your carton packaging on demand, the Afinia CP950 includes variable data printing. This means that you can print variations on your packaging such as lot numbers, expiration dates, or even special offers.

Desktop Packaging Printing with the Afinia CP950 Carton Packaging Printer
If you're already printing labels in-house, adding the Afinia CP950 packaging printer complements your existing efforts. The CP950 is fast, affordable, and high quality and it's able to handle a variety of thick, flat materials. With the CP950, it's no longer necessary to order large quantities of packaging that you don't necessarily need in order to meet minimum order quantities. Since you can print your packaging as needed, the CP950 also makes it more practical to print custom cartons, seasonal packaging, and potentially even private label products.


CP950 Specications

Print method: Memjet Waterfall Printhead Technology® 11 Integrated Circuit (IC) Chips 70,400 nozzles
Inks: Dye-based, 250mL CMYKK cartridges (1.25L total)
Print resolution: 1600x1600 dpi to 1600x800 dpi
Print speed: 6"12" per second (152mm305mm)
Print area (max): 8.77" x 45" (222.8mm x 1143mm)
Media types: Compatible with a range of inkjet-receptive pape r, polyeste r, polypropylene, and vinyl materials
Media width: 3"10.5" (76mm266 .7mm)
Media length: 4.2"14.25" (107mm362mm)
Thickness: 0.004"- 0.4" (0.1mm10mm)
Feeder Capacity: Up to 500 single sheets or 750 #10 envelopes
Interfaces: USB 2. 0, Ethernet Port
Ink Monitor: Viewable on 7" Touchscreen Display and CP950 Toolbox
Operating System: Windows Printer Drivers for Windows; 8, 8 .1, 10
Diagnostics: Viewable on 7" Touchscreen Display and CP950 Toolbox
Data Storage: Onboard Printer Storage for Job Library
Firmware Update: Flash update through CP950 Toolbox
Operating temperature: 15-°35°C (59°-95°F) at RH 2080%
Storage temperature: -5°-50°C (23°-113°F) at RH up to 85%, non-condensing at 65°
Duty Cycle: 350,000 letter-sized/A4 sheets per month
Overall dimensions: 21-1/ 8'' W x 39" L x 20-1/4" H (53.6 cm x 9 9.1 cm x 51.4 cm)
Weight: 95 lbs. (43.9 kg)
Electrical Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Options: Conveyor/Stacker, Conveyor Drop Tray, Printer Drop Tray
Warranty: One year

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