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GW 12000 - U

The GW12000 adds higher production speeds of 12000 sph while maintaining registration and accuracy. From the 30 inch long register board, to the individually pressure adjustable perf/score/slit, to the tireless pneumatic heads, to the conveyor outfeed delivery, everything about the GW12000 is designed for years of trouble-free operation. More productivity equals more profit.  The GW12000 offers all the above and more at a cost per feature and specification unmatched in the industry.

Speed:  12,000, 11 x 8.5/A4 sheets per hour 
Maximum Stock Size:   18 x 18 (45 cm x 45 cm) 
Minimum Stock Size:   3W x 5L (7.6cm x 12.7cm) 
Stock Weight:   12# 12 point (45 250 gsm) 
Impression Control:   Electronically variable, crash up to 10-part sets 
Electrical:   120V/230V, 60/50Hz, 5.0 Amp 

Dimensions:   Length: 68 (1.73m)
Width: 27 (0.69m)
Height: 46 (1.17m)
Weight: 325 lbs. (135 kg) 

Number of job memories:   100 
Maximum number of numbering positions:   100 per head per sheet 
Maximum number of heads:  4 
Drive Unit Type:   Pneumatic; compressor required but not supplied 
Head Rotation:   Lockable throughout 360 degrees 
Repeat Action:  Consecutive, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x 
Numbering Heads:   6 digit reverse standard (with 2 drop) 8 digit condensed optional "No" and letter prefix available 
Inking System:   Ink pad with reservoir 
Perforating Options:   2,4,6,8,12,16 teeth per inch (TPI), 42,50 and 72 Microperf TPI 
MICROPERF Options:   42 or 72 TPI 
Scoring blade options:   Wide (standard) or narrow 
Slitting Blade:  Optional 
Stand:   Included 
Register:  Microprocessor controlled to .010 (0.25mm) 

Additional Features:

12,000 standard-size sheets per hour
100-job memory to store numbering jobs
Up to 100 numbering positions per head per sheet
1-4 PNEUMATIC numbering heads **
  ** NB Pneumatic machines;  compressor required but not supplied
Heads rotate & lock throughout 360 degrees for perfect register
30 inch-long register board for easy set up & perfect register
Floor model on castors; doesn't need dedicated floor/table space
Crash number up to 10-part sets
Feed sets from the unglued or glued side
Create "snap sets" while numbering
Perforating options: 2,4,6,8,12 TPI
Microperf options: 42 or 72 TPI
Scoring options: wide (standard) or narrow
Optional slitting blade available
Ability to control depth of each perf/score/slit independently
Accurate .010 register
Microprocessor controlled with forward & backward stepping for easy programming

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