Tru Coat Handfeed

The Tec Lighting TruCoat Handfeed offers the ideal combination of performance and affordability. The Trucoat was designed with your needs and desires as a main prioirty. The Trucoat offline UV Coater will give you the ability to Gloss and Satin coat almost any printed Sheet with ease. The System is offered in many configurations to fit your requirements, sizes range from 16" to 30" with a modular design to allow for added componets such as an automatic feeder and stackers for increased production in the future.
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  • Apply gloss-satin and matte coatings
  • Coat toner based, offset or inkjet with ease
  • Quick change textured rollers for an array of finishes
  • High production auto-feeders and stackers available
  • From start to coating in less than 5 Minutes
  • Less than 10 minutes to switch between different coatings
  • 0 VOC UV coating and wash-up fluid
  • UV coated documents are 100% recyclable
  • Modern/compact design
  • All steel construction
  • 3 roll application system with quick-change roller design
  • Stainless steel doctor blade

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