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A print embellishment station, the Duplo DFL-500 brings everything you want in a laminator to the table. With a low learning curve, get short run jobs out with this 3 in 1 solution.

  • Dry Coat
  • Laminate
  • Foil

The Duplo DFL-500 delivers a multi-purpose solution for print embellishment with the capability to dry coat, foil, and laminate in a single machine. This machine is ideal for in house print shops and digital printers wanting to offer more to their customers. The Duplo DFL 500 provides businesses a unique laminator that delivers quality. Gold foil business cards or use soft touch lamination to create upscale invitations. You can produce high end book covers, business cards, postcards, brochures, menus and much more that will demand top dollar. 

How It Works:

Compact and easy to use, the DFL-500 utilizes a ceramic thermal roller and a heat control systemSheets are loaded into the automatic air suction feed system and fed through the rollers, performing one of the three desired solutions. The DFL-500 comes standard with an automatic side-to-side flying knife separator system for precise flush cutting of laminated sheets. It also features a dust removing and de-curling system.

Gloss Dry Coating:

For gloss dry coating, the DFL-500 utilizes a specially-formulated film that applies full coverage on a sheet of a paper. When the film runs through the heat roller, adhesive is melted and applite to the sheet.


Apply gold, silver or a wide range of foils to anywhere there is toner on the sheet. 


Laminate and separate digital print without the need for operator intervention. Set and forget! 


  • 3-in-1 Solution
  • Auto Film Slitting and Cutting System
  • Two-Piece Design for easy set up
  • Automatic Feed System
  • Handles Sheets up to 13" wide


  • Feed System - 
    Automatic Air Suction System
  • Coating Mechanism - 
    Heat Roller System (194-320F)
  • Paper Size - 
    Laminate: 8.3" x 11.7 - 13 " x 24"

    Foil: 5.8" x 8.3" - 13 x 24"
  • Paper Weight - 
    110-400 gsm

  • Speed - 
    up to 15 ppm

  • Dimensions - 
    52" (w) x 22" (d) x 17" (h)

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