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Duplo DDC-810 Spot UV Coater

Intrigue the senses of your customers with print embellishment
  • Enhance Digital Print
  • Outperform competitors
  • Generate new revenue streams

Bring your print to life with the Duplo DDC-810 Raised Spot UV Coater. Print is not only ink on paper anymore.  Print embellishment allows digital print to become an experience that engages the senses. Now, you are able to give your customers the opportunity to see and touch their designs, their brand and their ideas. Spot uv printing accelerates your margin growths by creating greater value for products such as business cards, postcards, invitations, packaging, and much more!


The Duplo Spot uv coater is a compact solution that utilizes 600 x 600 dpi inkjet technology and precision camera registration to deliver a product with texture and depth to desired areas of your print design. Equipped with Duplo's widely renowned air suction feed system, the Duplo DDC-810 can feed paper sizes of 14.33" x 29.13", up to 450 gsm. Using the PC Controller software, operators can set up jobs and be printing within minutes.

How it works:

Simply upload the raised spot UV layer file in PDF or TIFF format along with the XML file with the registration mark data, load your paper and begin. The DDC-810's CCD camera system automatically corrects for shrinkage, stretch, and skew. Unique registration marks ensure the precise alignment of the spot UV layer onto the printed document. The uv coating is applied by utilizing 3 patented print heads, applying the coating in thicknesses of 20-80 microns in a single pass and instantly cured by a high powered uv lamp. 

 It's print embellishment made easy!


  • Compact footprint fits into limited spaces
  • Inkjet technology and UV lamp for instant curing
  • Easy pre-press preparation and operation
  • Accurate camera image registration
  • Air suction feed system
  • Fast-tracked delivery and installation


  • Paper Size A. Width: 11" - 14.33" (279 mm 364 mm)/ (B3) B. Length: 8.27" - 29.13" (210 mm 740 mm)

  • Restriction: Width to Length Ratio (3:1, 2:1) when paper length is over 19.68" (500 mm)

  • Print/Non Print Area  Printable width: 13.03" (331 mm) Minus (-) 10 mm Maximum/0.39" from lead/trail/left/right edge (Non printable area)
  • Paper Type Art/ Coated Paper 157 450 gsm PP Laminated, no over the film edge from paper on the registration side, less than 0.4mm
  • Paper Condition: Curl less than 2 mm (R50) Wave less than 2.0 mm incl.
  • Image Data Format PDF/TIFF
  • Paper Loading Capacity 5.9" (150 mm)
  • Print Accuracy +/- 0.2 mm both X & Y direction - Adjustment steps (X & Y) +/- 0.1 mm
  • Print Thickness 20 um - 80 um (in 10 um increments) - 7 Thickness settings
  • Estimated Processing Speed - 21 ppm (ledger size)/36 ppm (letter size)
  • Average Volume Estimation - 3 liter varnish can print over 3,500 sheets with 40 um and 15% coverage rate
  • Power Requirements 208 -240V 50/60Hz 38A (+6%, -10%) 110V 60Hz 15A for PC
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 138.5" x 57.2" x 72.4" (3,518 x 1,454 x 1,840 mm)
  • Weight 1126.6 lbs (511 kg)

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