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StaticBeGone - Rod

Get rid of static on your shop equipment by using the Ion360 Rod.

Comes in different sizes, depending on the machine and includes mounting magnet.

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Ion360 thin rod Magnet Mount provides solid magnet mounting of the ion360 rod and makes them simple to mount and adjust. You place it where you need it and the magnet enhances the transfer of the discharge current to ground. Ion360 rods are more effective than electrically powered bars because it produces more ions when needed at higher static levels and higher web speeds. This means there is no machine speed limit and no static limit. People say: "Your products seem to work like magic!" It is not magic. It is the application of good basic physics!

Ion360 works better on machines than electrically powered ionizers because the micro-points stay clean and keep working. Ion360 produces 20 times the ionization of any other ion cord or tinsel product!

Place the ion360 rod across the surface to be neutralized and ground it to the metal of the machine with the magnet mount. Adjust the distance from the charged sheet or web from 1/8" away to up to two inches away until you get the optimum static neutralization. Ion360 rods can be placed under or over a web or sheet in multiple locations where static develops.

Available Sizes and Product Cost:
1-6 inches = $49.90 + Shipping
7-11 inches = $59.90 + Shipping
12-23 inches = $69.90 + Shipping
24-140 inches = Custom Ordering

Works for all industry's;
Digital Press, Folders, Laminators, Coaters, Offset, Creasers, Large Format Presses, Wide Format, Flexible Packing, Bag Converting

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